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Stock market year 2022: How should sustainability-oriented investors position themselves?

Three portfolio managers provide answers

The three sustainability specialists Edith Aldewereld (Sonnenberg Wealth Management), Anja Hochberg (ZKB) and Natalie Baki (Globalance Bank) give an outlook on the financial markets in 2022 and say what they pay attention to when it comes to sustainability.

Will the stock market year 2022 bring price fireworks again?

Manfred Segerer / Imago

The stock market, stocks, risk – far too many women still shy away from investing.They particularly have large pension gaps in the first and second pillars, because many of them work part-time after starting a family. Surveys consistently show that many women prefer to put their money in savings accounts, which currently means they are losing money rather than building it up.

However, if women can use the money to do something that benefits society, this tends to lead to a rethink.The three asset managers Edith Aldewereld, Anja Hochberg and Natalie Baki also observe this in their daily dealings with their customers.These are their recommendations for the stock market year 2022 and for easy access to the topic of sustainability.

What can we expect on the stock exchanges in 2022?

Edith Aldewereld, Partner at Sonnenberg Wealth Management:

"The year 2022 will certainly be more difficult from an investor's point of view than 2021," warns the partner of the independent asset manager Sonnenberg Wealth Management. Corona will remain a challenge for society and companies. The extent to which there will be financial losses again depends on the progress of vaccination. If large-scale lockdowns become necessary again, the problems in the supply chains would get bigger instead of smaller, which would put pressure on growth.

On the other hand, there are still enormous amounts of liquidity that are looking for investment opportunities. So inflation is here to stay in 2021. "In the short term, cheap money will not cause any major upheavals, but we are leaving our children with huge mountains of debt." The wealth manager and co-founder of Women in Sustainable Finance expects volatile stock markets and an increasing risk of one or two bubbles bursting.


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