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Community Member Portrayed

Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to one of our most commited WISF members, Anna Boniecka. Here is her story and her connection to WISF.

What makes you who you are?

When I took my entrance exams for music school, I told the committee that I wanted to play the violin because it only had four strings and looked so easy, like my older sister played at home. That was how it all started for me. Music has always been a part of my life, albeit now as a hobby, but the hours of training I received at music school gave me a strong foundation for my whole adult life. Even though I work in finance, I firmly believe that what makes me successful are the skills I learned as a little violinist: consistency, scrutiny, attention to detail, resilience, stress management, public speaking, networking, a good ear for languages, and many more.

The most important value from the musical background was that music unites the world, regardless of nationality, roots, languages we speak, and professions we do. I try to find the beauty and harmony in music in every aspect of our lives. I have seen them in finance, too.

My passion for sustainable finance is a natural consequence of my constant search for beauty, harmony, and balance in a challenging and rapidly changing environment.

What is your connection to WISF?

Singing in many international choirs in Poland, Luxembourg, and Switzerland has given me great connections with gorgeous human beings, and joining Women in Sustainable Finance has also given me access to wonderful people who share the same values and passion for making a meaningful difference in the world as harmonious and beautiful music does.

During the Female Founders Night 2022 event organized by BPW Switzerland, I was blessed and honored to meet Dr. Marta Ra. She told us how she started the WISF association together with her Co-Founders. I joined the organization after our brief chat at the event and two WISF events in January. With much interest and appreciation, I participated in almost all of our events, which complemented my 16 years of experience in the financial sector in prestigious financial institutions such as ING Group, BIL Suisse, and deVere Switzerland. It was also a refreshment for my sustainable expertise and practice, which I have developed through several sustainable finance courses in Luxembourg and Switzerland, the CFA Certificate in ESG Investing, and while advising my clients on structuring their sustainable investments. I have also been happy to see how the association has grown over the past few months and to witness the progress in building the first digital sustainable bank in Switzerland, which has been exciting.

What do you value the most about WISF?

What I value most about WISF is that it shows how professionals can contribute to a better, sustainable world with concrete examples. Networking and connecting with people from different backgrounds, nationalities, industries, companies, and countries is exciting and crucial for my career development in Switzerland. I look forward to our subsequent events and the changes that will happen because of WISF's strong presence in our community.

Join WISF if you want to make a difference in our world.


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